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Here's what students have to say about the Phil Rulloda School of Floral Design

Dear Mr. Phil,

I came to the Southern California School of Floral Design not knowing what to expect from the experience. Needless to say, I came away with a wealth of knowledge.

Your instruction was superb and very hands-on. Your design concepts are timeless.

Studying with the “best of the best” is very rewarding. You give so much of yourself and challenge your students do the same.

You also motivate students to take their design work seriously. “Learn to do the simple things perfectly” still echoes in my head as I work on projects. “Yes you can!” also helps me gain the confidence I need to push my work beyond the comfort zone. I know I am a better designer and person because I am using your instruction and taking your advice. I trust you because I know you have experienced this profession from the inside out and you have risen above the majority.

I was truly impressed with the mix of students in my classroom. People from all around the world were there. The cultural education was an added bonus. I knew I had a unique opportunity that only the participants in our class could experience. It was great!

I enjoyed attending your school and I learned so much, but one of the most special things I took away was your friendship. You made me feel like and old friend. I felt I had worth. I know I can call on you if I need some advice. I cherish your friendship and will forever keep you in high esteem.

Thank you Mr. Phil for all the inspiration, motivation and encouragement you’ve given me. I know I am not the only one you have inspired, but none can be any more thankful than I. I commend you for making a difference in the lives of many people.

I will continue to recommend the Southern California School of Floral Design because I know of no better place to learn the fundamentals of our profession. Keep up the work!

With warmest regards,
Bill Lindeman, AIFD

"Phil Rulloda is as masterful a teacher as he is an artist. The classes are intense, exciting, inspiring and comprehensive. I came to the Southern California School of Floral Design with a limited amount of instruction and only a passion to learn more. After the Basic, Advanced, Special-Event, Wedding and Master classes, I had the techniques, design sense and confidence to secure a job with a local florist whose work I greatly admired.

I continued to keep in touch by volunteering my time to the school and consider it a privilege to contribute whatever I can to the inspiration, education and support of others who like myself desire to be the best they can be. I am extremely grateful for the support that Phil, Sharon and Mary have given me. I feel I have grown more in the last year and a half than I have in the 20 years!

Thank you for giving me the tools and the courage to do and be more than I ever imagined. I will strive all my life to live up to your legacy of design excellence. I could never have achieved so much, so quickly without the education I received here. I recommend these classes to anyone who is serious about the art of floral design. No matter what level you are at now, you'll be at a higher one when you leave class. That is why great designers come from all over the world to learn from Phil. No matter how far the distance from where you are to where you want to be, Phil Rulloda will help you close the gap, teach you "Yes, you can" and show you "How You can."

Denise Abergel
California State Top Ten Designer Of The Year 2002

"…I would like to say that - allot of people get gifts at Christmas and never forget them - The greatest gift I have ever received was that our paths crossed. You helped me notice and appreciate the passion I have for the art you have shown me! I shall never forget the magic and beauty that you create, teach and instill!"

"…each time I make an arrangement I think of my mentor Phil Rulloda… I pray that I will one day return to your school."

J.R. Hawley

"…I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your class in Phoenix. I will enjoy working with tropical flowers and after four days with you, I feel very comfortable working with them. You have inspired me to design bigger and more elaborate arrangements… Thank you very much for the wonderful experience in Phoenix.

Denny Mauricio

"…Phil you are truly an amazing person… so down to earth and so very talented. When I was taking your class you were so positive… for one of the first times in my life I felt that things were going to work out. That I am believing in me and that yes I can do it."

S. Hanley

"…Thank you for your knowledge, your effort and hard work!

"Floral Boot Camp" wasn't easy, it was a hard earned effort, and I am grateful! Except from graduating from college, I count the experience with you all as cherished!

Never doubt your worth, your sacrifice, and when I need a refresher and/or a kick in the pants. I know where you are!"

Jane Hotchkiss

"…I want to thank you very much again and again for the wonderful time I spent with you during the basic and advanced courses… I am going back to Israel next month. I hope I'll be good ambassador to you in the holy land. Yes I Can!"

Arielle ben-Shaya

"…I want to thank you for the fabulous program you did for the members of the Idaho/Utah Unit. You not only provided helpful insights on techniques and style, your "Phil"osophies were motivating and uplifting. We had the best turnout in years for this program.

…thanks for taking the time to motivate us, teach us, and encourage us to be the best we can be in our industry."

Debby Willoughby

Here's what florists say about the Phil Rulloda School of Floral Design

"I have been in the floral business, under different instructors, for about 10 years. Although people have given me compliments on my work, I felt I had hit a brick wall and had learned all that I could, until I came to Phil's school. He opened things up for me. I learned new things everyday and greatly improved my technique. I now no longer see a brick wall, instead, I now know the sky has no limits and my potential in unlimited!"


Janet Galloway
Sweet Jasmine Florals

"In July of 2002 I attended the National AIFD Symposium in San Diego, California. I watched the most amazing unforgettable presentation "Tsunami" by Mr. Phil Rulloda. After seeing his design style and expertise I knew right then that I had to get to one of his classes. The next summer I traveled to attend Special Events, Advanced Wedding, Wedding Planning and Preparation, and in November of 2008 I returned for a private lesson of Design for Excellence. I loved every minute of my time at his school.

Phil and his staff are so talented and full of knowledge. Whether you are just starting out in the industry or have been in it for 30 years, Phil always has something new to teach you. I walked away from all of his classes feeling confident and more knowledgeable of new techniques and styles to try. His love and passion for flowers is contagious. Taking his classes gave me the motivation, knowledge, and work ethic to do what I do today. When I am working at my shop I will often finish an arrangement and think “What would Phil say?”. And I always hear “YES, I CAN” repeat in my head too. If you are thinking of taking a class or attending a design school I would highly recommend going to Phil’s. It’s an amazing experience that you will never forget!"

Katy Selmi-Downs ISFA, ICPF
Selmi's Bridal
Rock Falls, IL

"I wish to offer my sincere appreciation and whole-hearted endorsement. Director Phil Rulloda's gifts of time and talent is what makes this school superior and specifically the "Special Events & Decor Class" truly a necessity for success in today floral market… Without his training, leadership skills and direction through this course and this school in general, I would not be the successful florist I am today."

Mike Sinanovic, AIFD
Phoenix Flower Shops
Director of Education

"It was an extraordinary experience to be in your March Design Class. Your friendship and gifted talent, along with your inspiration of life, were a valued experience for us. We learned so much from your heart, and grew individually each day of your two week course.

Carol and I cannot wait to experience your advanced class, and look forward to the wisdom that you and Sharon so openly share."

Russell G. Phillip
Phillips Flowers & Gifts, Illinois

"Thank you for the wonderful spirit you shared with the Advanced Wedding Design Class. I came home with wonderful new skills, and ideas to use. Your team of professional florists really make it believable that "Yes I Can" do these special meaningful, powerful and inventive arrangements.

Phil, you have lit the path for a lot of florists. Thank you from the bottom of my soul."

Mimi Traylor
Mimi's Flowers
Sonoma County, CA

"Phil Rulloda is not only an amazing designer and instructor, he is a most incredible person. He selflessly shares his immense knowledge and passion for the art of floral design and encourages you to strive to be no less than the best. Phil transcends all others by opening his heart and soul to us, and has shown us what a wonderful journey life with flowers can be. For that, we are eternally grateful."

Pam Woertendyke, AIFD and Kimberly Woertendyke, AIFD
A Secret Garden - Clovis, California
(AIFD's first Mother/Daughter duo inducted the same year)

Here's what industry leaders say about the Phil Rulloda School of Floral Design

"Your designing — Phil — is the most magnificent that I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. You excelled yourself at the Kentucky A.I.F.D. Symposium. Your wedding bouquets, the flower arrangements and the entrance of your beautiful model, all were magnificent. Your use of space in designing is fantastic. It would be my joy to study under you.

I look forward to being with you again."

M. 'Buddy' Benz, A.I.F.D.
Benz School Of Floral Design

"…Teleflora is so privileged to have you represent us with such an outstanding show. On behalf of the Georgia Teleflora Unit, I want to say thanks for the GREATEST show Georgia State has ever seen!"

Wilma Mullis, Secretary
Georgia Teleflora Unit

"…He is the most recognized person in the world of design in the United States. His talents have made him "a Living treasure"

Phil as a designer, has set a new American style. His use of flowers and plant materials is unique. He has been recognized by every state and national organization as the leader of design in America."

Rocky Pollitz, AIFD, AAF, PFCI, CMG
National Vice President Industry Relations

"…Smithers-Oasis is delighted and fortunate to have Phil on our Ambassador team. Phil represents our company nationwide at industry trade shows and design shows. His knowledge, enthusiasm, and passion for the floral industry is most apparent on and off stage. He is one of the most respected and sought after designers and commentators in the country today."

Chuck Johnson
National Sales Manager