Recommended Web Resources

A collection of web sites for professional florists.

Professional Floral Associations and Groups – Official site of the Society of American Florists – Official site of the American Institute of Floral Designers. Learn details about becoming a member of AIFD and learning how to achieve CFD (Certified Floral Designer) designation.

Calstatefloral.comCalifornia State Floral Association official site

CCFC.orgCalifornia Cut Flower Commission official site

Floral Industry Issues and Information

Flower Chat by Florist 2.0  - Password-protected online community for professional full-service florists. – Message board frequented by growers, importers, shippers, wholesalers & retail florists from the US.

Epic Flowers - Provides ready-made and custom websites for commercial florists – Society of American Florists (SAF) consumer information site – Consumer information site about deceptive and misleading online flower markerting.

Flower Markets – Official site of the Los Angeles Flower Market – Official site of the San Francisco Flower Market

News and Magazines – Bi-monthly publication of the Los Angeles Flower Market

FloristsReview.comFlorists’ Review magazine, covering the North American retail floral industry since 1897. – Periodicals from Teleflora

Fusion Flowers - Bi-monthly UK publication featuring contemporary British and international designers, arrangements and events.