Special Event / Décor Floral Design

In this three day class, students learn to make wedding reception flowers and fresh floral designs for special events. Demonstrations and hands-on lessons will cover fresh floral centerpieces and accessories for themed events - including creating floral props. Students will learn pricing, planning, coordinating and selling reception & special event décor.

  • Course Length: 3 Days
  • Maximum Enrollment: 6 Students
  • Instruction is conducted on a full-time basis for three consecutive days,
    9:00am - 4:00pm
  • Charges and Fees:

    Registration Fee (minimum non-refundable deposit)


    Tuition Cost:


    Maximum total cost for course:*


    *Tools and books are available for purchase on the first day of class.


special events floral design

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Fresh floral centerpieces and accessories. From small- to large-scale


Unique accent ideas.


Creating floral props.


Pool float teachniques demonstration.


Pricing and selling special event floral decor.


Planning, coordinating and installing receptions and special events.


Due to the nature of these courses, all flowers, floral materials and supplies needed are included in the tuition fees. Floral hand tools are required but may be purchased either from the school or from a floral supply house (at the student's option). Advanced study students are expected to already own their own tools as they are practicing florists in the industry.

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